• Premium and Programmatic Marketplace

  • Focused on the Middle-East and Africa

  • Multi-device, Multi-platform, Display Video and Mobile

Menadex makes the Middle-East and Africa top publishers supply
available to the most demanding media buyers.

About Us

We aim to operate a trustful, transparent and efficient marketplace where global digital media demand meets the Middle-East and Africa supply.

Monetizing Premium Inventory.

Thanks to its partnership with the major global DSPs, Menadex gives you instant access to hundreds of media buyers. We optimize your inventory to increase value across the board. You won't miss any opportunity from now on.

Single Point of Access.

As a continental player, Menadex has formed unique strong ties with premium publishers who offer top quality media. Access the largest segmented and organised premium inventory within seconds.

Multi Everything.

Multi-device, Multi-channel, Multi-platform. We're handling Display, Video and Mobile advertising in the most brand-safe environment, with full price transparency and quality control.

Join Us

Our platform is aimed at Publishers of the Middle-East and Africa. We currently work with more than 200 premium partners for display, mobile and video monetization. We are big fans of yield management and we'll help you get the most of our partnership. Besides, thanks to our direct relationships with advertisers and top-agencies targeting this region, the superior technology we operate, we're able to drive incremental revenue and global exposure.

Our Offer

As the name suggests, Menadex is where supply and demand meet, and where transactions are being made in the best possible conditions.
This is where premium content publishers from the Middle-East and Africa and global advertisers meet. The premium content publisher aims to maximise income through monitoring and simplified management. The advertiser looks to reach the right audience at the right time, at a competitive price, in a brand-safe environment. With the number of online advertisers and publishers reaching new heights, Menadex is the single point of entry to a vast continent and the reliable solution to the current challenges.

We offer holistic, classic and programmatic Premium Inventory on all channels. We deliver on all online and mobile display advertising media and video ads, as well as in-app advertising for all type of smartphones and tablets. Our comprehensive multi-channel technology platform is complemented by the integrated in-stream video solution by StickyAdsTv.
Private Marketplace allows both the buyers and sellers to benefit from a direct relationship. They allow buyers to purchase premium inventory not available on open exchanges, while protecting the publishers efforts of monetization and first-party data. We reference Premium Publishers through custom preferred deals across all the major DSPs, allowing a more efficient discovery of relevant supply sources and enhanced exposure of our partners.
Trust and quality is our utmost concern and we do whatever it takes to guarantee it. To create a brand-safe environment, sites in high risk categories like adult, P2P, file-sharing and online gambling are prohibited. We specify minimum content standards and require that publishers acquire traffic primarily from organic sources. Finally we prohibit offensive ads or displaying ads in undesirable ways. We are committed to a safe, transparent and fair marketplace and promote high standards of traffic quality.
We are neutral and transparent. Our interests are aligned with those of the Publishers and Advertisers. Programmatic media buying on our platform helps marketers improve ROI on their budgets and grow customer lifetime value, and publishers generate incremental revenues while gaining a global exposure. We increase liquidity, revenues on both sides, reporting and measurability without sacrificing transparency.

Contact Us

Do you have questions about joining Menadex? Are you a Premium Publisher from the Middle-East or Africa? Ready to join and participate to this unique project? We’ll put you in touch with a partner manager who can discuss your questions with you.

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